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After established Yuan-Pei Univ., we keep in mind of being professional while working on it. To make feedback to the society and offer a path of continuous study for those residents who have work daytime, we set up continuous department and extension education center on August, 1995. The two departments can hatch medical, management and health technologists. By doing so, we can promote our life-long education on both theory and practical.

1. The credit class: It includes graduate school (day and night), 2-year-technology advanced courses, 4-year-technology advanced courses, and credits for residents.
2. Work courses: We have classes combines industry and academy, such as biomedical examining course, health food development technology course, bakery license & enterpriser course, and electronic business practical & license course.
3. Technology courses: We hold various technology courses, such as nanny class, bakery class, etc. Also we are more international after 2005, and we hatch young people who are from foreign countries to be professional technologists.
4. License courses: specific chemical technologist license course, nanny course, cook license course, bakery license course, taking-care patients course, and booking license course.
5. Offer a place for technology test: For Chinese cook technology examining, bakery examining, international MOS, and GEPT.